EFT for Individuals

Although Emotionally Focused Therapy was initially developed to help couples re-establish emotional connection and break negative cycles of conflict, it has in more recent times also been used with positive outcomes for individual work.

It’s expecially useful in cases where the emotional distress is primarily caused by difficulties in relating to others (whether it’s a partner or friends or family). The framework of EFT can help the client reflect on the underlying emotional experience of problematic interactions, and with increasing awareness of their inner emotional landscape it becomes possible to start responding differently, more positively, when relating to others.

EFT can also be very useful when a client wants to improve their relationship, but their partner is not willing to partecipate in couple therapy. In this case, the sessions offer a space to reflect on the dynamic of the couple and help the partecipating partner to develop some strategies to make positive changes to the couple interactions. 

Finally, EFT can be used as a form of relationship coaching. In this case the sessions have a more psycho-educational content and the aim is to provide the client with an understanding of how to develop an emotionally healthy relationship, how to build the foundations for a relationship to thrive.

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