EFT Supervision

In March 2019 I was approved by ICEEFT as Supervisor Candidate. I’m now working towards getting certified as EFT Supervisor. While in training, my work as supervisor is overseen by two ICEEFT mentors (both EFT supervisors/trainers) who guide me and provide feedback on the work I do with my supervisees.  As a bilingual psychotherapist working with British and Italian colleagues, one of my mentors belongs to the British EFT Centre and the other one to EFT Italia.

As Supervisor-in-training, I offer low cost supervision to colleagues who have completed an EFT Externship and wish to grow in the model. The supervision hours I offer count towards the requirements for EFT certification. 

Please note that my supervision service is offered only via Skype or other suitable video platforms.

Fee: £50 per 60 minute supervision session

If you are looking for a reasonably priced and supportive online EFT supervisor to grow in the model, please get in touch!

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